x men days of future past is literally a movie about a couple who got divorced and one of them took the kid. then they try get back together for the sake of the kid.

Often, joking for me is a way of diffusing the awkwardness of a situation, so it’s kind of exhilarating to be a part of projects where there’s nothing funny or lighthearted.

"your fave is problematic" can also be understood as "let me treat this person like they are not human and can’t make mistakes, because I’m perfect and they suck also let me try to make you embarrassed for liking them"

              Everyday I wake up knowing that no matter how many
           lives I protect, no matter how many people call me a hero,
              someone even more powerful could change everything.

yeah, yeah. your favorite character is great, but are they natasha romanoff level of greatness?

I can’t lead a mission when the people I’m leading have missions of their own.